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What Is PCSD?

PCSD membersThe Peninsula Citizens for Sustainable Development (PCSD) was formed in 2006 by concerned residents from all communities on the Placencia Peninsula in southern Belize - Maya Beach, Seine Bight and Placencia.  Their concern was the rapid, unplanned, poorly executed and unsustainable tourism development of the Peninsula. 

PCSD members gathering mangrove propagulesAs PCSD has matured, it has expanded its agenda to include not only unsustainable tourism development, but also pollution from agriculture and aquaculture, mangrove deforestation, coral reef preservation, climate change, water quality and quantity, over-dredging and dredging in fragile environments, destruction of wetlands and garbage and sewage management.

traditional Belize Creole performerPCSD is also very concerned about the continued vitality and preservation of local cultures, cultural identities and cultural practices. 

We also want to ensure the continued ownership and governance of the Peninsula by local businesses and residents.

PCSD's goals include:

  • Providing information about proposed developments to Peninsula residents to ensure that all such developments are environmentally, culturally and economically sustainable for the fragile eco-systems of the Peninsula and its communities and cultures;
  • Providing general environmental information to local residents, including information about the role of government in the environment, such as when environmental impact assessments are required and what an environmental compliance plan is and why it is important;
  • Working with government and other local environmental organizations such as SEA (Southern Environmental Association) to enforce national environmental laws;
  • Preservation of the Placencia Lagoon and mangrove restoration
  • Ascertaining the quantity of potable water available to the Peninsula.
  • Supporting local efforts to bring sustainable sewage treatment and garbage disposal systems to the Placencia Peninsula.

PCSD is a registered Belize not-for-profit corporation.  The PCSD mailing address is PCSD, General Delivery, Placencia, Belize, and our email address is info@pcsdbelize.org.  You can reach us at the phone number in Belize of 011-501-610-4718.

Peninsula Citizens for Sustainable Development

General Delivery
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